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Laser cat


Trumpf Lasercat Model: TLF 2600T

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Pre Owned Machinery Offered: 1995 Trumpf Lasercat Model: TLF 2600T



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Laser cat 2

Laser cat 8 Laser cat 7 Laser cat 6 Laser cat 5 Laser cat 4 Laser cat 3 Laser cat 2











Standard Specifications:

Maximum Sheet Size                                       60” X 120”

Laser Travels:

X                                                                                  118.1”

Y                                                                                  59.1”

Z                                                                                  4.5”

Max Positioning Speed                                      2632 IPM

Max Workpiece Weight                                      1528 LBS

Electrical Requirements                                  460/3/60 – 125 AMPs

Air Requirements

Clean Dry Air                                                             87 PSI

Nitrogen                                                                     435 PSI

Oxygen                                                                       232 PSI

Approximate Dimensions                                416”L x 337”W x 79”H

Approximate Weight                                        29,000 LBS


Standard Features:

Trumpf TLF 2600 Turbo Watt Resonator

Bosch CC 200 Trumagraph 32 Bit Control

9” Hi-Resolution Monochrome CRT

RS 232 Interface, Inch/Metric Programming


Standard Equipment:

Dual Pallet with Automatic Pallet Changer

Air-Cooled Dual Circuit Chiller, R-22 Refrigerant

Linear Ball Bearing Guideways, Ballscrew Drives

Dust Collection System


Price $69,500.00

Note: Quoted price includes software platform (orig. $9000 cost).
It does not include loading or decommissioning of laser by a qualified technician.


farleyFarley Wizard II CNC Plasma Cutting System
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farley 3 farley 2 farley 1






Pre Owned Machinery Offered: 1994 Farley Wizard II CNC Plasma Cutting System

Model: Wizard II        S/N: 940323

Standard Specifications:

Maximum Cut Size                                                                6’ X 12’

Electrical Requirements                                                       480/3/60

Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Track                                        16’

Approximate Dimensions

Approximate Weight


Control Features:

Farley PDF32 CNC Control

Standard Shape Library

512 Kb Memory, Battery backup

RS 232 Interface


Replacement LED Screen


Standard Equipment:

Torch Height Control

Collision Detection

Laser Spot Alignment

Water Table with Air Bladder

  • Hypertherm HT-2000 Plasma Source S/N: 2000-001847


OUTPUT CURRENT                                                                 40 – 200 AMPS

DUTY CYCLE                                                                           100 PERCENT

MAX PIERCE CAPACITY (MS)                                                1.5”

MAX EDGE START CAPACITY (MS)                                       2”

MAX PIERCE CAPACITY (SS)                                                 .875”

MAX EDGE START CAPACITY (SS)                                        1.5”

MAX PIERCE CAPACITY (AL)                                                 .875”

MAX EDGE START CAPACITY (AL)                                        1.5”

RANGE OF KERF ANGLE                                                       0 – 5 DEGREES


  • 104

240                                                                 90

480                                                                 45

600                                                                 36

Shielded Torch Leads

Plasma Interface

Remote Control Station

Gas Mix Console


Price $15,000.00

Note: Quoted price includes loading.
It does not include system software

Flow international A series waterjetFlow International A-Series CNC Waterjet

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Flow international A series waterjet 7 Flow international A series waterjet 6 Flow international A series waterjet 5 Flow international A series waterjet 4 Flow international A series waterjet 3 Flow international A series waterjet 2


Pre Owned Machinery Offered: 1998 Flow International A-Series CNC Waterjet

Model:            A-Series         S/N:

Standard Specifications:

Maximum Cut Size                                                                4’ X 8’

Flow Intensifier/Pump

HP                                                                               50

PSI                                                                              55,000

Electrical Requirements                                                       480/3/60

200 Amps

Approximate Dimensions

Water Tank                                                                66” x 110”

Intensifier/Pump                                                      40” x 80”

Computer Stand                                                        40” x 40”

Approximate Footprint                                                         90” x 146”

Approximate Weight                                                             4,000 LBS


Control and Standard Equipment:

CNC Control Upgraded by Flow International in 2013

Flow v6.7 Cut & Path Software

Runs on Windows XP

Abrasive Cutting Head

Abrasive Hopper

Total Hours: 24,959

Notes: Waterjet tank, rails and gantry recently sandblasted and primed.
New rails on X and Y axis.
One pump of dual pump intensifier operating at full capacity (55,000psi); one pump needs rebuild.

Price $19,950.00


Pre Owned 2008 Timesaver Model: 1111-11-0

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Time SaversPre Owned 2008 Timesaver Model: 1111-11-0

See the specs and more

Time Savers 7 Time Savers 6 Time Savers 5 Time Savers 4 Time Savers 3 Time Savers 2




Standard Specifications:

Belt Width                                                                              9”

Belt Length                                                                            60”

Max. Part Width                                                                    8-3/4”

Max. Part Thickness                                                             3”

Variable Belt Speeds                                                                        10-33 FPM

Contact Wheel Dia.                                                               3-1/4”

Roll Distance                                                                         5”

Main Motor                                                                            5 HP

Electrical Requirements                                                       230/460/3/60


Standard Features:

Wet Type Abrasive Belt Sander

Abrasive Tracking

Air Knife Dryer

Wet Operation System with Filtration and Recirculation

Paper Media

Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors

Conveyor Holddowns

Push Button Controls



Blanchard 3Pre Owned Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinder Model: 1161

See the specs and more




Blanchard Blanchard 5 Blanchard 4Blanchard 1






Standard Specifications:

Chuck Diameter                                                                    18”

Table Diameter                                                                     26”

Chuck Speeds                                                                       15, 24, 41, 64 RPM

Feed Rates                                                                            .003 to .070 IPM

Main Motor                                                                            15 HP

Approximate Dimensions                                                    64” L x 42” W x 74” H

Approximate Weight                                                            6,600 Lbs

Standard Features:

Magnetic Chuck

Vertical Down Feed

Water Guards

Table Traverse Hand Wheel

Push Button Controls

Notes: The grinder controls have been updated, new gears and the motor has been rewound.


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