Mitsubishi Suprema CNC 6 x 12 Waterjet

Mitsubishi Suprema CNC 6 x 12 Waterjet


2008 Mitsubishi Suprema CNC Waterjet Model: DX612

Maximum Cut Size                                                                72” X 144”
Overall Size of Water Tank                                                   6’6” x 13’6”
Z-Axis Travel                                                                           6”
Pump HP                                                                                50
Pump PSI                                                                               60,000
Speed                                                                                     IPM
Accuracy/Repeatability                                                        +/-
Approximate Weight                                                             20,000 LBS
Electrical Requirements Pump                                            480/3/60

Mitsubishi CNC Control
Cutting Head: Tilt & Taper compensation

KTM S50, 60,000 PSI Intensifier 50hp

Ebbco Garnet Removal System, Bladder Tank

Inline Water Chiller CLS 40,000 IL-3

Ebbco Closed Loop Water System CLS-141-40K

Ebbco Weir Water System to Drain

Vespa Garnet Hopper 200 lbs

Spare parts inventory

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