Otto Arc CNC Plasma Cutter with Hypertherm HPR130XD

Otto Arc CNC Plasma Cutter with Hypertherm HPR130XD


Otto Arc Pro-Cut CNC Plasma Cutting System New in 2017

Maximum Cutting Width                                          78”

Maximum Cutting Length                                         236”’

Rapid Traverse Speed                                               0-12000mm

Positioning Accuracy                                                 +/- 0.200

Repeatability                                                             +/- 0.500

Hypertherm MiniEDGE Connect PC Based Control

Hypertherm Pro-Nest 2017 LT Software, Auto Nest

Left Mounted Operator Console

Hypertherm HPR130XD Plasma Power Source

            1.25” Mild Steel Piercing

            1.5” Max Cutting

Dual End Drives

Heavy Duty Rails (118” x 354” footprint)

Hypertherm Torch and Sensor Height Control

Anti-Collision Detection

Hypertherm Auto Gas Console

Water Table

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